Saturday, July 7, 2007

Write your own copy() function.

Here is some C code that simulates a file copy action.

#include /* standard I/O routines. */
#define MAX_LINE_LEN 1000 /* maximum line length supported. */

void main(int argc, char* argv[])
char* file_path_from;
char* file_path_to;
FILE* f_from;
FILE* f_to;
char buf[MAX_LINE_LEN+1];

file_path_from = "";
file_path_to = "";

f_from = fopen(file_path_from, "r");
if (!f_from) {exit(1);}

f_to = fopen(file_path_to, "w+");
if (!f_to) {exit(1);}

/* Copy source to target, line by line. */
while (fgets(buf, MAX_LINE_LEN+1, f_from))
if (fputs(buf, f_to) == EOF){exit(1);}

if (!feof(f_from)){exit(1);}

if (fclose(f_from) == EOF) {exit(1);}
if (fclose(f_to) == EOF) {exit(1);}


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