Monday, July 9, 2007

How do you get the line numbers in C?

Use the following Macros

__FILE__ Source file name (string constant) format "patx.c"
__LINE__ Current source line number (integer)
__DATE__ Date compiled (string constant)format "Dec 14 1985"
__TIME__ Time compiled (string constant) format "15:24:26"
__TIMESTAMP__ Compile date/time (string constant)format "Tue Nov 19 11:39:12 1997"

Usage example

static char stamp[] = "***\nmodule " __FILE__ "\ncompiled " __TIMESTAMP__ "\n***";


int main()

if ( (fp = fopen(fl,"r")) == NULL )
printf( "open failed, line %d\n%s\n",__LINE__, stamp );
exit( 4 );


And the output is something like

*** open failed, line 67
module myfile.c
compiled Mon Jan 15 11:15:56 1999


Anonymous said...

Additionally, there is __FUNCTION__ for function name.

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