Monday, July 9, 2007

How can we sum the digits of a given number in single statement?

Try something like this

# include < stdio.h >

void main()
int num=123456;
int sum=0;

for(;num > 0;sum+=num%10,num/=10); // This is the "single line".

printf("\nsum = [%d]\n", sum);

If there is a simpler way to do this, let me know!


Deepak said...
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Clearer said...

The number of expressions is far more interesting than the number of statments. In the example code you have at least 3 expressions in the one for statment (which you also call 'single line').

you could do something like

do { sum += num % 10} while (num /= 10);

instead, which is better for most compilers, is also a single line, has one less expression in it (doesn't have num > 0) and doesn't reject negative numbers.

Anonymous said...

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vikcs said...

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Anonymous said...

void sumdigit(int n) //single line
int s = 0;
printf("\nSum of Difit : %d",s);